Burger Pawty represents girl power. It’s a celebration of women and the power they possess. It’s a celebration and testament to all women: for their talent, their art, and for simply being.

Burger Pawty was founded in Summer 2015 by the chef and blogger duo of Jessica Lagman and Louise Mangalino. Their female-centric approach really set them apart in the food industry and has created a niche market for quaint, yet delicious burgers. These snack-sized savoury treats are sure to capture the eyes (and stomachs) of burger and food lovers alike.


Currently, Burger Pawty is run by me, Louise Mangalino, aka the Head Barbie in Charge. My love of burgers evolved when I started my very own burger blog, Burgers and Barbie$ back in 2010. Through this blog, I was able to channel my love of food, fashion, music and photography all in one place.

Although I enjoyed visiting new restaurants and reviewing their burgers, I noticed that most restaurants I went to were marketed more towards men. Now, I understand burgers aren’t “gender-specific,” but I had yet to try a pink burger! The burgers I had reviewed on my blog were delicious (for the most part), but I wanted to create something unique, fun and cute… for people like me who wanted to see something different.

I've always had an image in mind as to what my perfect burger would be: I knew they had to be fun, cute, delicious and of course, pink. With the help of Jessica Lagman, I was able to turn these dreams into reality. After a couple months of planning, the Burger Pawty you know today was born. Our very first event was held in August 2015 with an all-female collaborative team. The first Burger Pawty really helped me realize that whatever I had set out to do was attainable. Going into my first meeting with Jessica, I didn’t realize how much work was involved into putting together a production like this, but now that I know, I thrive off of the challenge.

I believe that for those who have been to a Burger Pawty or have had us a guest, it represents something fun, new and exciting in the food industry. It’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill catering company. Our burgers often get a double take when people first see them because they’re surreal.

Ideally, I would love to open up a shop of my own, but for now that’s just a dream. But hey, the idea of a burger pop up was once a dream of mine, and look where Burger Pawty is now. Never say never.


'Til the next pawty...